322 Wallace St, Hope, BC V0X 1L0
(604) 869-0729

Now open from Mon thru Sat 9:00am to 4:00pm. Limited indoor seating.
Please wear a face mask unless eating.

We stop for an espresso, mocha, latte or coffee and a some fresh cooked food (my fav is the chicken pot pie, soup, mocha and a muffin). The staff are welcoming and cheerful, the place is almost always very busy but clean and efficient. Get yourself a Blue Moose Coffee Card and collect free drink points. The sandwiches are fresh made to order, the pastry fresh each day and the atmosphere is delightful. We live in Hope, BC and it is our go-place for lunch or a treat. You too will enjoy it at “The Moose”
Sun Country J1772
Hope has 10 Tesla Superchargers within a short 2 block walk from the Blue Moose.

and an Electric Vehicle Level 2 J1772 Charging Station across the street
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